David Coenen, BSc, MCouns

Co-founder and Partner at BrainFIT Institute

David brings two decades of leadership experience having worked for a Fortune 500 company and one of the leaders in worldwide service-based logistics. Having traveled (to nearly all countries across the globe) extensively globally he has a unique skill of working with many different cultures around the globe.

In his 20 years tenure amongst others, he has coached individuals, teams, and organizations integrating powerful brain-enhancing strategies based on practical Applied Neuroscience to effect meaningful and lasting change. His passion lies in achieving breakthroughs using brain science, and to help clients become aware of what truly drives them to reconnect with their well-being, using the principles and strategies of NeuroCoaching.

Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Economics and holds Master Degrees in Coaching and Counseling from the European Institute, de Baak, in The Netherlands. Furthermore, he is a NeuroCoach certified by Mark Robert Waldman, Executive MBA Faculty, College of Business Loyola Marymount University, and a Secure Base Coach of The School for Transition.

Currently, he also teaches at a leading European Business School and is an author on work-related stress and burnout.

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