Bernadette M. Wilson, BA, MBA

Co-founder and Partner at BrainFIT Insititute

Bernadette brings her clients more than 25 years of business acumen working with Fortune 500 firms (Meridian Systems/Trimble, GMAC) and industry expertise which includes high-tech, construction, healthcare, and the non-profit environment. Her entrepreneurial expertise as CEO of a wellness center and marketing consulting firm adds to her leadership expertise. Bernadette holds a B.A. in Business Management, and an MBA in Ethics and Leadership from the prestigious Mills College, Lorry Lokey School of Business. She is certified in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) from the Beckman Institute, holds a Neurocoach certification by Mark Robert Waldman, Executive MBA Faculty, College of Business Loyola Marymount University, and is a Unified Mindfulness instructor.

With this working foundation in both business operations and the science of coaching, Bernadette brings her clients the skills to provide fast, effective change and transformation. She is also a writer, speaker and finds joy and balance in her life-long practice of yoga and meditation. Along with her application of integrative health disciplines, and the inextricable linkage between mind, body, and spirit her dedication to her client’s promises to ignite the brain’s drive system gives us the cognitive wellness desired.




“It was an experience to remember. Literally. Bernadette and her neuro coaching process offer a new way to connect with our needs as humans. I learned to identify with the ways I communicate and what the impact of my communication means to me and others. I also identified with the process of committing to enhance my communication through this process Bernadette offers. Definitely an experience that others can benefit from.”

Elizabeth Dodson, Co-Founder, HomeZada

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