The Company

Mission Statement

Our scientifically sound neuro educational programs increase brain health through rapid meaningful change so that business entities and individuals can thrive in a new positive work-life paradigm.

The BrainFIT Solution

Mindfulness and emotional intelligence competencies are increasingly critical for leaders and professionals in today's organizations. Given that self-knowledge, direct and collaborative relationships serve as the currency of the new economy, professionals and those who serve in leadership roles must develop the necessary skills and behaviors to manage themselves and the stakeholder relationships that drive success in complex organizations.

Studies suggest that implementing brain-based performance training attunes participants to experience self and emotional regulating, increased memory process and awareness. As leaders, this translates in to better conflict monitoring, increased cognitive functioning, team creativity and overall high performance.

The BrainFIT Institute provides its clients an invaluable opportunity to rigorously assess their competencies while learning proven skills to increase professional and personal performance and well-being. Founded in neuroscience, we work with individual and situational factor of your team and one-on-one.


of trainees experience lower stress levels throughout their entire day of work by practicing one core BrainFIT Basic™ technique upon rising.


workers feel stress on the job & nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.

Learn how to make optimal use of your brain’s systems to overcome challenges and maximize your talents to achieve your fullest potential.
Become BrainFIT so that you have better brain health and results:
  • Turn stress into motivation
  • Relax and reboot at will
  • Balance thoughts and emotions
  • Expand creativity
  • Boost decision- making and problem-solving power
  • Learn faster with greater ease
  • Gain more self-confidence and improve self-esteem
  • Improve the quality of your relationships (emotional and social intelligence)
  • Communicate with purpose, clarity and ease
  • Be inspired and inspiring

How we are different

Practical Brain Science

The Power of 5™ is a revolutionary and science-based proprietary model that utilizes the brain’s interconnected key systems and processes so you can achieve a state of Coherence, a transformation when everything comes together effortlessly, and your resiliency and vitality is increased dramatically.

The Power of 5 model, our corporate and executive training and coaching programs are formulated with the most recent and trustworthy neuroscientific research. Our select group of clients quickly receive the best and most relevant science-based break-through solutions to change behaviors create a positive new work-life paradigm.

Result Time

Our proprietary program is designed to minimize the time needed to apply BrainFIT’s powerful neuro-educational strategies while providing long-lasting results – an investment of a couple of minutes per day is sufficient to experience significant results. The techniques are easy to integrate into your daily routine. You will quickly develop new BrainFIT habits with compounding results in less time with greater benefits.

Meet the Team

Jean-Dominique Michel

Co-founder and Partner at BrainFIT Insititute

Jean-Dominique has practiced for over twenty years as an executive coach and a consultant in human performance and business anthropology for companies including global leaders in their fields. […]

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Bernadette M. Wilson

Co-founder and Partner at BrainFIT Insititute

Bernadette has the uncanny ability to quickly distill her client’s business and personal uncertainties, and present a new working framework which disrupts old ineffective patterns. Her talent as a coach supports each client to achieve rapid and lasting improvement and transformation with less effort and more ease.

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David Coenen

Co-founder and Partner at BrainFIT Institute

David brings two decades of leadership experience having worked for a fortune 500 company and one of the leaders in worldwide service-based logistics. Having traveled (to nearly all countries across the globe) […]

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