BrainFIT Teams

A neuroscientific program that builds trust, effective communication as well as empathic collaboration skills while boosting team performance.

Cooperation and communication

Essential to your team’s success is the development of their relationship quality (trust, support, recognition). Your teams will experience new a invigorating style of cooperating with commitment and flexibility, in the vitality of shared values.

  • Neuroscience of constructive communication (Coherent Communication)
  • Relational climate and team dynamics
  • Process of change and creativity

A combination of training sessions and Team Building workshops to help teams to:

  • to get to know each other better, to understand each other and to appreciate each other
  • regulate tensions and know how to disagree
  • develop safe and effective modes of communication
  • develop with clear thinking and creativity the situations encountered
  • cooperate by integrating specificities and differences (diversity)
  • realize and maintain a tribal dynamic based on trust

Coherent Communication Training:

Communication is one of the most complicated dimensions of human experience. For neurological, psychological and cultural reasons, opportunities for misunderstanding or conflict are innumerable.

The neuroscientific understanding of the components of effective communication has only been established in the last few years. The Compassionate Communication process based on the findings in recent neuroscientific research significantly increases relational awareness, listening ability and mutual understanding. As a result, the processes of cooperation and negotiation are facilitated.