BrainFIT for Leaders

Develop leadership skills to combine agility and emotional intelligence with an exceptional level of performance.

Connect your leadership vision to outcomes

High-level training to meet the specific demands of leaders

A scientific training and coaching program that is a real “Soft-Skills Academy”. To allow your
managers to combine agility and human competence with an exceptional level of

  • Good and relational skills
  • Team Management and Tribal Management
  • Charisma and communication

BrainFIT LEADERSHIP is a program dedicated to improving the skills of managers, based on
brain plasticity. It covers four main aspects:

  • Self-confidence, personal productivity and time management
  • Emotional intelligence and relational ease
  • Charisma and communication
  • Motivation and ability to inspire others

Our program develops in a sustainable way the neuro-anatomical structures related to these

BrainFIT LEADERSHIP guides you through a 7-step brain training process:

  1. You will become an athlete of motivation in a communicative and inspiring way. And can count on your own resources of tenacity and envy.
  2. You gain control of attention by focusing strategies that stabilize the brain faster than any other method used in the training field. You will bring your cognitive skills of analysis, evaluation and decision-making to a higher level of performance.
  3. You will experience the rejuvenating “default mode”, the state of relaxation in which your brain eliminates neurological stress and consolidates long-term memory. BrainFIT LEADERSHIP will cause you to enter this state at will.
  4. You will learn to interrupt the old mental habits by mobilizing the intuitive thought, a modality of consciousness whose neurosciences have recently discovered all the utility. By stimulating the creativity circuits of your brain, you will find faster problemsolving solutions.
  5. You will practice with ease the art of conscious presence (mindfulness or selfreflective awareness) to remain calm and lucid in all circumstances. With a positive impact on the quality of your decisions, your relationships and your own well-being.
  6. By developing this quality of cooperation with your own brain, you will develop a deep sense of trust and competence as well as a respectful charisma.
  7. You will learn to communicate with clarity, presence, and availability, and to feel comfortable in a relationship that will enhance all of your relationships.