BrainFIT Basic

Learn how to navigate today’s fast paced, dynamic work-life ecosystem with seamless integration.

Lay the BrainFIT foundation to achieve optimal brain health. When you take the first step and in the BrainFIT’s cornerstone brain-training program, whomever you are and whatever your position is, you will benefit from this easy to understand and vital educational program.

Science based studies have shown the current pace of life is putting our nervous system under severe strain. This neuroeducational program provide you and your employees with the right strategies to help them cope with the constraints and challenges of their professional activity and to help manage the work-life ecosystem.

  • Protection against stress and attentional overload
  • Management of well-being, motivation and the integration of work-life
  • Development of caring and relationship support

BrainFIT trainings give you and your employees the effective brain health strategies for:

  • Sustainably reducing their stress level
  • Improving their well-being and productivity
  • Managing connectivity while preserving attentional ecology
  • Developing quality relations and improved cooperation
  • Being fully present and engaged
  • Cultivating shared fundamental values