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International practical neuroscience experts launch BrainFIT Institute

Introducing breakthrough mindful training and coaching programs to optimize business performance.

BrainFIT Institute™, LLC, an international science-based training, coaching, and performance optimization group, today announced the formal opening of its firm, which currently serves North America and Europe. With this rollout, BrainFIT Institute released its flagship products: BrainFIT Leaders™, BrainFIT Teams™, and BrainFit Basics™. Each of the transformational programs is conceived by, and are led on-site in person by BrainFIT Institute’s certified NeuroCoach (CNC) experts, and supported by educational materials on-line and instruction aids from their website

The BrainFIT Institute provides a proprietary neuroscience-based model that maximizes the brain’s ability to perform complex problem-solving tasks with minimal effort along with a concomitant marked reduction in stress and anxiety. Now, CEOs, executives, and managers can transform corporate culture, improve performance, and increase employee engagement and satisfaction by enrollment in on-site BrainFIT training programs. Half-day day booster programs are offered to supplement these immersive 2-3-day boot camps, and virtual on-line sessions to further improve and ensure sustainability.  

The BrainFIT Institute concepts and programs are developed by the company’s three founders, Bernadette Marie Wilson MBA, CNC, Jean Dominique Michel MSC, CNC, and David Coenen MCouns, CNC. Together they distilled thousands of hours of corporate, team, and executive individual NeuroCoaching sessions and published neuroscientific literature into a series of digestible lessons that provide rapid and sustainable neuro clarity and success. The team also imbues methods of mindfulness and cognitive studies into this comprehensive, practical performance system. The resulting science-based model optimizes the brain’s innate organization and interconnected processing systems to achieve a state of coherence, a transformation when everything comes together effortlessly, and memory recall, resiliency, and vitality are all dramatically increased.

“When you are in a state of coherency, you are fully present and alert with optimized execution function. Your brain’s aggregate knowledge is organized and accessible, allowing for articulate, logical, and effective results,” Wilson said. “That’s imperative for today’s CEOs and corporate leaders. The real-world impact they have on the lives of others magnifies the need to perform with excellence and make crucial sound decisions with more ease.”

“BrainFIT programs also lessen the symptoms of harmful work-related stress and burnout by teaching how to be more mindful and empathic on demand, while enjoying a substantial increase in overall well-being and performance,” states Coenen. “Work-related stress impacts not only affects our physical and mental health, but the direct cost to employers is staggering.”

“I am so excited about this program,” says Michel. “Over the years we have seen so many “break-through” new propositions, with claims based on weak evidence and results. We bundled the best practices and strategies on a mindfulness 3.0 philosophy,” states Michel. “Thanks to neuroscience, we have graduated from mindfulness for only personal well-being to self-directed and tribal leadership that impacts how we relate to others, cooperate, and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. We finally have a methodology that empowers people durably with coherence and mastery.”

BrainFIT Institute has regional headquarters in California, USA, Geneva, Switzerland and Amsterdam, Netherlands and with programs available in three languages English, French and Dutch. The institute will also launch its complementary online program, BrainFIT Online, in the spring of 2020.


BrainFIT Institute™ is a leading influencer in applied brain-based coaching and training programs to empower individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to thrive in their full potential and to embrace coherence in today’s exponentially fast-paced global environments. Founded by three international practical neuroscience experts, Bernadette Marie Wilson MBA, David Coenen MCouns and Jean Dominique Michel MSc, BrainFIT Institute suite of products is dedicated to dramatically improve performance, engagement, and work-life satisfaction: BrainFIT Leader™, BrainFIT Team™, BrainFit Basic™ and soon to be released BrainFIT Online™.  Resources include BrainFIT News™, LinkedIn: BrainFIT-Institute, #getbrainfit,