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Brainfit Institute Blog Announcement

International practical neuroscience experts launch BrainFIT Institute

Introducing breakthrough mindful training and coaching programs to optimize business performance. BrainFIT Institute™, LLC, an international science-based training, coaching, and performance optimization group, today announced the formal opening of its firm, which currently serves North America and Europe. With this rollout, BrainFIT Institute released its flagship products: BrainFIT Leaders™, BrainFIT Teams™, and BrainFit Basics™. Each […]

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BrainFIT Blog Neurorevolution

The Secret Brain Power of Influence

In recent years, autonomy has become one of our most important values.

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Learn how to outperform with ease using the incredible power of practical neuroscience.

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BrainFIT Blog

Return to the Workplace: The Brain and Social Distancing

In most countries, the lockdown due to governmental coronavirus regulations is being eased. In front of us is the prospect of a return to our office workplace with social distancing requirements due to the coronavirus concerns. However, is this pandemic causing us to reevaluate the current operational business models? Is of the traditional “in-person” office structure passé? […]

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The Neuroscience of Negativity

It is human nature to automatically label something as bad, negative or destructive.

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Work Life

Learn more about how to have a coherent amazing work-life.

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Relax like Julius Caesar

It is impossible to know Julius Caesar’s full character, as the first biographies about written

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Mind your body and make better decisions!

In the midst of the controversies surrounding the true efficiency of mindfulness practices

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